Monday, June 22, 2009

One missing

Holly that is...she's away at basketball camp up at Taylor University this week. We go back to pick her up on Friday....which means another stop at Ivanhoes...yumm! We went early yesterday to make a stop at Ivanhoes for Father's Day dinner...and ice cream of course!

This is her 2nd year at Taylor camp - when we picked her up last year she said she was NEVER coming was too much basketball! Amazing how a little time can change things! She even wants to run cross country this year to get into better condition for basketball...all this from a girl who hated soccer because you had to run too much! LOL

David went up to today to have lunch with her and the MC group - there are 5 other 5th grade...oops, I mean 6th grade now...girls there too. I think Abby and I might go up Wednesday and have lunch with them (hmmm, that would mean yet ANOTHER stop at Ivanhoes...I'm gonna need a few extra workouts this week!) That strawberry shortcake everyone was getting on Sunday sure looked good!!

Poor Mr. Kit-Kat misses his play-buddy already...or maybe I should say pest-buddy (but he doesn't seem to mind it). She's usually the one carrying him around the house or chasing him around the house. Maybe he can catch up on some uninterrupted sleep this week in preparation for Holly's return this weekend.

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